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401kid is a trusted one-stop source for all of your family's education planning needs. Demystifying the college savings maze is our job. So let 401kid educate you on relevant investment, tax and education information.

Get objective advice and personalized portfolio recommendations, including the best 529 plans for your family within minutes. 401kid's ESP Wizard is a web-based asset allocation software that works for you, based on your family's goals and means.

Grandparents, aunts, uncles... anyone can contribute to children anywhere via 401kid's Family & Friends Program. Send automated birthday and holiday ecards along with gifts to the college savings funds of your loved ones.

What is a 529 Plan?

A 529 Plan is a tax advantage Savings plan in the United States designed to encourage families with educational planning. A 529 Plan is a savings option which helps families to save for college. All 529 Plans are sponsored by states or educational institutions.

529 Plans are the best savings instrument for college funding. College Savings 529 Plans help control both savings and expenditures. Contributions to 529 Plans maybe taxable deductible for state tax purposes but withdrawals are tax free same from 529 Savings Plans. With the escalation of education costs, Section 529 Plans are the best form of savings for a child’s future Education. 529 Plans are reliable and all types of income groups can contribute and benefit from them.

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