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To protect the identity of our members and visitors, 401kid enforces strict confidentiality to eschew the misuse of information by any third party individual or entity that may exploit such information for purposes other than as deemed appropriate by 401kid’s community.  We strive to maintain the highest security measures for anyone who visits our website, the purpose of which is to furnish relevant information on Qualified Tuition Program (QTP) and other savings vehicles.  Under no circumstances will we undermine this Privacy Statement by sharing member or visitor information with any third party.

For visitors who wish to participate in 401kid’s community, a non-visitor, exclusive membership site, we require registration before you can enter discussions and other member restricted zones.  If you wish to join, you choose to provide certain personal information, such as name, telephone number, address, email and other personally identifiable information.  This information will be safeguarded by 401kid and will not be used other than to provide, as requested by the community member, information on QTP, community-oriented news, and goods and services that may advance the member’s understanding of 529 plans and other investment vehicles.  Individuals who do not wish to receive such information may opt out at any time, and 401kid shall cease delivery of member-restricted information.

Our web server use of cookies, which identifies and reads our site’s visitor’s computers, is a method to validate your identity and administer customized information when you visit our site.  A cookie may assist 401kid in advancing site content and adjoined goods and services according to your historical visits, and utilize such information to enhance viewer experience.  If you do not wish cookies as a tracking means to your site preference, you have the options to restrict such data collection by changing your web browsers to prevent the acceptance of cookies.

Unless stated otherwise in this Privacy Statement, the following is a list of ways that your information may be used:
  • Make content oriented to user preference
  • Redevelop website with different graphics, design, and layouts
  • Advance goods and services of 401kid by administering promotional materials and information, both 401kid related and selected vendors and suppliers
  • Take surveys to generate information on families’ penchant for 529 plans and other financials investments
  • Use information gathered from surveys to assist 401kid visitors and members in the education of 529 plans and subsequent investing strategy
  • Identify and match visitors and members with Education Savings Plans most fitting to their financial needs and background
  • Provide opinions and rating on 529 plans
  • Create database on investing strategy for 401kid’s research
  • Administer and complete any financial transactions as per 401kid’s matching tools and user selection of 529 plans

Certain pages in 401kid’s website may contain links to outside vendors and suppliers.  If you click and enter these third party websites, 401kid does not guarantee any of the confidentiality as stated herein.  You should contact the third party companies to understand their respective privacy statement and follow their guideline.  Entering such third party websites via our website does not obligate us to protect your personal information that you may submit outside of 401kid’s jurisdiction.

At any time during your membership with 401kid, you may opt out of any or all of the services provided by 401kid.  If, for example, you do not wish to receive any promotional information via email, simply reply back with your desire for its discontinuance.  401kid will log your request and refrain from sending you any emails to that effect.  By requesting a discontinuance of certain service(s), it does not prevent you from rejoining the 401kid community.  You may also opt in to receive 401kid information at any time by writing to us by email, calling our headquarters, or writing us by regular mail.

In addition to the email privacy remarks, 401kid may engage in family and peer networking via an extended email service.  By inviting your family and peers to join 401kid’s community, you may be entitled to certain promotions and benefits and concurrently build the knowledge base surrounding QTP.  If, however, your family and peers do not desire to join 401kid’s community, they may request that their information be removed by replying via email.

If you participate in 401kid Education Savings Plans (ESP), you enter and join a community of investors who seek to maximize their return on investments.  Embedded in your personalized web page contain information intended to track growth on your investments, substantive materials to improve your investment strategy, and any related news to keep you informed of education savings benefits.  401kid ESP, a proprietary product of 401kid, Inc., services a portfolio of fund managers who direct and control the management of your money.  If you sign up to invest via 401kid’s products and services, you should also read and concur with the privacy statement of the respective fund managers with whom you investment.

We may, from time to time, amend this Privacy Statement to better protect our members and visitors.  An email notification will be sent to our members stating such amendments, within 30 days, prior to its ratification.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, our information-handling practices, or other aspects of privacy at 401kid, please enquire to the following contact information:

401kid, Inc.
224 W 35th Street, Suite 410
New York, NY 10001

T:  212.904.1656
F:  212.904.1243