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why 401kid

Something for Everyone

401kid.com was created with the entire educational community in mind, from parents to students to financial planners to companies.  In order to educate and assist families in their struggle to keep pace with the continued escalating costs of education, 401kid developed ESP Wizard, the first ever web-based 529 plan investment recommendation solution.

Some other reasons why 401kid exists –

  • 401kid is one of the few places where people have access to objective content and user-friendly tools for education planning.

  • 401kid has made a large investment in seeking out and serving the saving needs of the Special Needs Community, which claims one out of every seven American children.  401kid serves this community with asset allocation advice for their traditional education savings needs and their Special Needs Trusts. Special Needs Trusts are a tax advantaged vehicle for funding life skills training and quality of life needs without disqualifying the individual from Social Security Disability Income, Medicare, and Medicaid.

  • 401kid's Family and Friends Network module allows contributors to save for their well children and their un-well children.