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While information is an important ingredient to investor education, families need specific advice and solutions that can guide them through the overwhelming process of education planning.  401kid develops online solutions that help families make the tough decisions, investing wisely for their children’s future within their means.

Here are some of our most popular tools –

Investment Advice via ESP Wizard 2.0:
Get objective advice and personalized portfolio recommendations, including the best 529 plans for your family within minutes.

Savings Calculators:
Run quick calculations to estimate how much you need to save for college or how much student financial aid your kids might qualify for.

529 Plan Compass:
View and compare all state 529 college savings plans.

The industry-leading 401kid Insider goes beyond the latest news on college funding by addressing what it all means to parents and students

Help Center:
FAQs regarding 529 plans, Coverdell ESAs, Financial aid, and other topics related to education funding.