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• According to the CENSUS survey of the International Society of Certified Employee Benefits Specialists, 96% of respondents agreed that "workers want and need financial planning education and advice through employee benefits programs."

•More than 80% of eligible employees participate in their company 401(k) plans.

• Parents rate college savings as a greater financial concern than retirement.
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401kid’s ESP Wizard is the foundation of the next major employee benefits tool – Education Planning.  401kid is to Education Savings Plans as 401(k) is to Retirement, providing objective 529 Plan and Financial Aid strategy.

401kid's Education Benefits Platform

While parents rate saving for college as a top concern, most are failing to meet the enormous and rapidly growing costs.  Without incurring additional benefits costs, companies can now facilitate education planning by offering it as a voluntary benefit with 401kid as a partner.

Despite the wealth of financial information and products in today's marketplace, there have not been any simple, time and cost effective solutions to the challenge of education financial planning, available to employees. Employees have spoken about the desire to have their employers provide such tools – 401kid provides a chance for employers to answer the call.

Let 401kid be your benefits consulting guide in designing the most flexible and objective Education Plan for your company.

Benefits of 401kid for Employers include:

Although 529 plans can be opened directly by parents and families, without the involvement of their employers, employer-sponsored plans can have additional perks, such as payroll deduction, contribution matching, and access through corporate portals.
For employers that would like to learn about appropriate methods of setting up an Education Plan as part of the company's benefits package, contact a 401kid Education Benefits Specialist today!

Top 3 FAQs regarding 401kid Employee Benefits Program

How much does it cost to setup an Employee Benefits Program for my company?
Unlike traditonal benefit programs, there is little or no incremental cost to the employer for offering an education savings benefit through 401kid.  All particpant education and related materials will be provided by 401kid.  Employee contributions will not involve payroll deducations but, rather, employees genrally arrange an ach with 401kid.

Why should my company offer an Education Plan if employees can do it themselves independently?
The educational funding shortfall for many families is reaching crisis proportions.  With voluminous conflicting information and the lack of conflict free savings solutions, many families are overwhelmed with decison gridlock.  The need for 401kid’s solutions are enormous and continues to grow.

How many 529 Plans can be offered within my company’s Education Plan?
401kid provides an education savings plan ‘supermarket’.  We offer access to all 529 plans as well as other education savings vehicles (e.g., Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (ESAS).  UGMAS, etc.)