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•More than 9 million 529 accounts have been opened.

•Most financial planners do not integrate financial aid projections into their offerings, providing an opportunity for a niche service market

•$105.6 Billion has been invested in 529 plans (this includes savings and prepaid plans)

•Over $X Billion is now invested in 529 Plans (2007)
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Isn’t it time you considered providing your clients with education financial planning tools, so they can understand how to better save for college?  Whether it is 529 plan investor education or personalized advice, 401kid plugs a full education planning program into your practice without you having to do the heavy lifting.

Now you can integrate a 529 plan strategy into your clients overall education financial plan. If you are serious about education as part of your financial planning practice, using ESP Wizard college savings software will save you significant time while providing a value-added service that your clients will appreciate.

College Saving not part of your firm’s offerings?  Time to change that.
Integrate 401kid’s ESP Wizard modules into your website to instantly connect your clients to any and all 529 college savings plans and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts.  ESP Wizard consolidates all relevant tax laws, grant methodologies, financial aid data, and college savings calculators, into one simple interface.

A summary of why ESP Wizard is an ideal product for Financial Planners and Benefits Consultants:

Directory of Full-Disclosure Financial Planners
401kid members often look to get advice on college planning as well as other financial planning issues.  401kid wants to link our members up with trustworthy financial advisors who provide full transparency and objectivity in their investment advice.  If you feel that you qualify, please apply for yourself and your firm FOR FREE to the 401kid Preferred Financial Planner Directory. You will be notified within two weeks as to your application status.

FREE College Funding PowerPoint Presentation
401kid’s CEO, Arman Rousta gives presentations to groups of Financial Planners, including this one at NAPFA (National Association of Personal Financial Advisors).  Receive your FREE copy of this presentation when you register for 401kid’s Financial Planner Directory.