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K-12 Schools

Parents and students depend on school administrators to make informed decisions about education planning. Is your staff prepared to deal with the complex and ever-changing landscape of college financing? K-12 schools are ideal community partners in 401kid's mission to educate families on how to plan financially for their children's future.

401kid is to education financial planning what 401(k) is to retirement. 401kid provides schools with information, brochures and educational website content that informs families on pertinent education funding issues.  These tools enable families to better manage current k-12 expenses, such as books, supplies, computers, and tuition (for private and religious schools), as well as how to save for higher education costs in a tax-effective manner.

401kid is easy to use and easy to understand.  It is a wonderful supplemental education resource that you can offer your students and their parents.  Get started by joining the 401kid community for free.  Then, submit a contact ticket, and a 401kid Representative will contact you about K-12 UniversitiesTuition is not the only thing going up – competition for good students is fierce. Providing an education financial planning program for current and prospective students through Qualified Tuition Programs, like 529 Plans and debt management tools, can help your institution gain a distinctive edge.401kid gives you the chance to incorporate college savings calculators and investor education into your websites and brochure materials for prospective families.  401kid calls on universities to embrace the mission of improving financial literacy through basic investor education. 401kid is to education financial planning what 401(k) is to retirement. And we are here to help you advise parents and students on how to save wisely for higher education costs before and during school while managing education financing debt post-graduation.

Benefits of 401kid for K-12 schools and universities include: