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Welcome to  the 401kid special needs community

401kid is dedicated to serving the Life Skills Training saving’s objectives of the Special Needs community (SNC). Theses are the vulnerable people among us, faced with lifelong challenges. We are the friends and family of these Special people. We are entrusted with determining the Quality of Life the future will bring for our loved ones.

Helping friends and family save for this grossly underserved Community has deeply affected our corporate consciousness. You will be able to save for your special child's/adult's educational and Quality of Life goals on the same page where you can save for your well-children's education.

We will show you the tools that are unique to 401kid to invite other family members, friends, and employers to help save for your loved one.

401kid invites this readership to join our 401kid sponsored, independent website www.specialneedscommunity.org. As part of our commitment to the SNC, we host this volunteer run website to enable all of the fractured communities (Mentally ill, Autistic, Physically Handicapped…) to communicate under one umbrella for information sharing and advocacy purposes. The site is currently under construction, however, you will be instructed on how to join.

Together we can make things happen!
Welcome aboard.
Donna LaMuraglia
Director of Special Needs Services

Special Needs Trust (SNT)